The stages of the life of
Kripaluji Maharaj

Our supreme Spiritual Master, His Divine Excellency Kripaluji Maharaj, was born under the full moon in October of 1922. Lovingly called Shree Maharajji, our Master graced the village Mangarh at midnight, the very time and season of Sharat Poornima, that Divine night when Radha Krishn revealed the supreme Bliss of maharas to crowds of Gopis some 5,000 years ago. Ram Kripalu Tripathi was born to a Hindu brahman family, and his entire childhood was spent bringing delight to the people of his village. His extraordinary virtues were readily noted by the people even as a tiny child, and have continued to influence, instruct, and inspire throughout the course of His magnificent life.

Shree Maharajji has detailed the entire philosophy of devotion, God’s Blissfulness and God realization throughout the writings and lectures of his lifetime. They have the power to enlighten everyone, at all levels and stages of one's existence. The guidelines Shree Maharajji established especially for the devotee of Krishna are also many. They include devotional procedures, songs (pad) of humbleness, and the chanting of the name, form, virtues, and the leelas of Radha Krishn. In these, the various phases of our beloved Spiritual Master's early existence on earth, we have been offered something profound that will aid in our learning, that is a cause to celebrate, and for which we feel utterly thankful:

Biography I: The Early Years of Shree Kripaluji
Biography II: Prem Ras Siddhant
Biography III: A Landmark in the History of Varanasi